Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of His purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, He confirmed it with an oath. God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie…we have this hope as an anchor for the soul. (Hebrews 6:17-19—NIV)

In this great text we have the guarantee of final forgiveness of sins vouchsafed to those who claim His promise through the sacrifice of Jesus death in their behalf. How do we know this is guaranteed? The author of Hebrews gives two proofs.

The first proof is the nature of the One Who has promised. God is unchangeable and cannot lie. The original language states that He is without strength to deceive. What an astonishing thought! You have never met anyone like that! Is there anyone in your life that would find it impossible to lie? God stands alone.

The second proof is that the One Who cannot lie has promised by oath. I cannot think of a greater testimony of the soundness of anyone’s faith based solely upon a black and white Scripture promise. How many promises of God do you know?