Give unto the Lord the glory due to His Name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Psalm 29:2—NKJV

You have heard that “beauty is skin-deep” and “all that glitters is not gold.” We live in a society that has a strange way of creating beautiful things that do not last, worshipping at the altar of the temporary, and being charmed by the superficial without regard to the integrity of what lies beneath. Even outwardly religious people can fall into this misbegotten set of values.

David gives us a phrase which catches the imagination, causes the heart to soar to the halls of heaven, and resets the human meaning of the word “beauty” from God’s point of view. It is quite natural in its simplicity and so is intensely practical for anyone who has been spiritually awakened through new birth in Christ and craves God’s stamp of approval on his life.

The psalm uplifts the majesty and glory of the Creator/Redeemer/King of all creation. From heaven to earth, angels to mankind, all are to break forth in praise befitting the quality worthy of the name of the Creator/Redeemer/King. “Worship” is the act of showing obeisance to His right and His authority outwardly symbolized by the humbly bowed head and knee in His presence. “Holiness” bespeaks His essence, integrity, and purity as separate from all manifestations and forms of evil. What is more appropriate than for professors of the name of Christ to live a life that is a visible illustration of the real value of God, His beauty if you will?

Since godly beauty is not skin-deep and faith that stands the trial is refined gold, believers need to learn what God values as He weighs each heart. “Beauty” in our verse is the Hebrew word for glory, honor, majesty, and splendor. The pageantry of heaven is to be the real ornament of the heart of the saint.

In everyday life we generally can sense quality when we are in search for it and we tend to recognize the “beauty” of quality. Something well-made has a beauty that is enduring. Sometimes that beauty is not recognized right away but is brought out by time and testing. What are some of the qualities that make an item beautiful to us?

For starters, beauty is not always a bargain. Something worth its salt is often going to be a little pricey (e.g., the cost of redemption)&rmdash;the blood of Jesus Christ). Holy living is like that.

Real beauty is not only visible. Sometimes visible beauty covers something not so beautiful underneath. Holy living is to be seamless and consistent throughout.

Beauty is well-made in its crafting. Something beautiful meets its purpose for which it was formed and is not simply for show. It is made to be evaluated by all who observe it and its quality is unafraid to be tested. Genuine beauty has its eye on the goal, the long run, and will rise to the top on its own merit.

The next time you recognize beauty in a good tool or a quality piece of furniture remember that God is looking for those same qualities to be evident in your life as you live for His glory rather than your own. What beautiful quality does God value as He weighs your heart today? Is your daily worship in the beauty of holiness? Trust and obey