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Hanover is a house of prayer

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Hanover maintains a strong corporate prayer life; prayer is a key element of every gathering and event. We’ve also established an email prayer team to swiftly pray for emergent needs and keep us mindful of long-term needs.

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Please add these to your daily prayer list:

  • Our country—the United States of America. Blessed by God, but ever in need of guidance, protection, and spiritual revival. Pray for our president, senators, congressmen, Virginia leaders, and all peoples residing in the United States.
  • Be FoucsedOur community—King George, Colonial Beach, and the surrounding area of Virginia. Ask God to equip our church as well as send others to share God’s plan for salvation. Pray for open hearts leading to saved souls. For born-again believers, ask God to continually fill our hearts with truth, encouragement, and love for our neighbors.
  • Our church. May God continue to mold us into His image, allow us unfettered access to great teaching and time for worship. Ask that He send us even more godly workers, young and old who thirst for God’s Word, and those who need salvation.
  • Be FerventPastor Rick Crookshank. We ask for health, safety, and welfare for him and his family, godly wisdom, and the continued fervent desire and ability to communicate God’s word. We remember that our shepherd is also a man, and ask that God keep him refreshed, encouraged, and surrounded with good friends.
  • Our Armed forces—The men and women wo sacrifice their time and lives to protect our nation and its citizens. Pray for their health, safety, wisdom, the desire to do right in all circumstances, and a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We also pray that service men and women have opportunities to hear God’s word taught truthfuly so that they may grow spiritually.
  • Be EffectualLaw enforcement, fire and rescue workers who risk their lives in service to our community. We ask the Lord for their continued safety. For Christians serving our community, we ask God to grant them opportunities to comfort and share their faith with people they serve.
  • The world. We pray that everyone in every country on earth will be able to hear the Gospel, respond to God’s calling, and be able to worship God openly and freely. We also ask God’s grace for missionaries we send around the world as well as those we support indirectly through the SBC of Virginia. We ask that God watch over them and preserve them and that they be effective in reaching lost souls for Jesus Christ.