October 9, 10—This weekend Bob, Fred, and Pat attended the “Wildfire, Men’s Impact Weekend” hosted by Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. This was two days of Christian men, young to elder, gathering for fellowship and worship—giving praise, honor, and glory to our Heavenly Father through our wonderful and precious Savior Jesus Christ.

Some of the sponsors present included outdoor sporting (e.g., hunting, fishing, health and wellness), Christian retail, home improvement (Home Depot), plus NASCAR sponsored three race cars (Kyle Bush’s #18, Dale Earnhardt Jr’s #88, and Jeff Gordon’s #24) and two Bush series cars. Friday night we had a tasty BBQ dinner.

Other events included a car show, hunting dog exhibition, skate boarding, and a motorcycle ride (had to have your own of course).

Fellowship and worship consisted of Christian music presented by the group “Big Daddy Weave,” weight and power lifters showing their strength by bending steel bars, frying pans, and bench pressing over 750 pounds. Some of the speakers (Christian men) included former eight time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, retired Army Major General Robert Dees, comedian Dennis Swanberg, and Kyle Petty to name a few. Classes ranged from Bible study, marriage, and Christian counseling to hunting, fishing, and engine rebuilding. There was a class for everyone!

A great point made by brother Bob Halpin regarding this conference was how someone who had questions and was still unsure of their path to Christ, could see, hear, and experience God’s glory through His Spirit by Christian men in fellowship, worship, praise, music, prayer, fun, laughter, edification, and encouraging words. This was also for the new believer in experiencing all of God’s wonderful glory and fun He has for us.

This conference had it all!