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Tonight we celebrated the birth of our savior with caroling in the neighborhood and handing out cookies and good cheer! We started at the church around 4:30pm by bagging up some delicious cookies. We went caroling at the homes of our shut-ins and left each with a bag of cookies to enjoy. Afterward, we returned to the church to fellowship while enjoying the rest of the cookies, coffee, and cocoa.

Even though the day started with some rain, a great deal was accomplished at the Heritage Court Community Day in Dahlgren. Heritage Court is a townhouse complex that needs a little TLC, and the residents need to see God’s love.

We worked alongside community members with bushwhacking, clean-up, and light construction. The community kids learned bicycle maintenance and participated in a bicycle rodeo; the Sheriff’s Dept. gave great tips on bicycle safety. The Fire Dept. dropped by to install house numbers on the townhouses that didn’t have them and give the kids a tour of their fire truck. It was a true community event with Domino’s Pizza even providing lunch.

Once again we invited our members, friends, and neighbors to set up in the church parking lot for a Saturday morning sale. It was another great year with plenty of sales and camaraderie. We’re grateful to all the shoppers who stopped by whether they made a purchase or engaged in conversation.

It didn’t seem like we had enough time to sift through attic and basement for all those things we wanted to sell, but we still managed to fill all our tables. Thanks to advertising in the Fredericksburg, King George and Westmoreland papers, as well as on Craigslist, we had the biggest day so far! As always, the sale tables were open to our community (for free) and we got to know a few of our neighbors a little better.

Today we held our third monthly community dinner. Again the theme leaned toward Italian, with spaghetti and salad (with Italian dressing as an option) on the menu. Although turnout was light, we were honored to share a meal with a few of our neighbors.