How many Baptist women can you fit into a closet or a tiny private dining area in the back of an Italian restaurant? That was the question that we Hanover women were determined to answer tonight as one by one and two by two we filtered into the very small but very nice back room at Regina’s Pasta Factory in Dahlgren, to celebrate Betsy’s 50th birthday. The waiter was sent in and out to gather more beverages or chairs often enough that he joked excessively about how we continued to multiply each time he left the room. I believe there were 19 ladies, youngish and oldish, in all who attended.

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy (Psalm 126:2–31—NIV)

We had wonderful conversations, but I can’t imagine that they were very different from those of the men that attended Western Night the same evening, as we admired each other’s haircuts, hair color, costume jewelry and excellent taste in eyewear. After we discussed what we were wearing the conversation turned to what our men and boys had worn on their outing, all of which sounded much more interesting than the garb we had chosen. However, it wasn’t all frivolous as we shared some experiences regarding raising children and some of the awkward moments we have found ourselves in.

Eventually, dinner was eaten, stories exhausted, and having outlasted every other patron in the restaurant, it was time to go.

From beginning to end it was fun and funny. From young women to grandmothers it was a time of lighthearted blessings and sharing. There’s more I could say but I was told that “What goes on in the yellow room stays in the yellow room.” You’ll just have to come out to Betsy’s next celebration.