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Peanut Butter Christmas Play Tonight was very special: “A Peanut Butter Christmas,” directed by Amber French and performed by our teens and youth blessed all in attendance with a darling reminder of the true purpose of Christmas. Hint: Christmas is the time to praise the LORD!

A qood quality video is too large to post on the website, but a high-definition video or a standard DVD of the performance is available. See Stan or Carol if you would like one.

Most of our church family and several guests joined in warm Christmas fellowship right after this morning’s service. We are all feeling truly blessed by God, and are seriously into the Christmas spirit now.

35 Hanoverians had a blessed Christmas Adult Fellowship at the Bailey farmhouse in King George. Fred and Judy Bailey graciously invited us to the welcoming rural setting where Cheryl Cater added her lovely decorative touch and Tim and Amber French provided an exquisite meal. We ate and felloshipped by the glow of candlelight.

Several, including Betsy Crookshank, were attired in period dress. Dave Lowe went so far as to bring along his Civil War-era sword to ensure our safety. Even those who were costumed in contemporary fashion, came in style—as you can see below.

Church Workday

It was a busy day, starting at 8:00am. We accomplished many things today. We now have working landscape lights, and lighted exit signs. A crew really put their back into removing leaves, cleaning gutters, and tidying up the playground. A heroic effort was made to get the new projection screen installed in the sanctuary, but it didn’t get finished until a couple days later. Thanks so much for all your help!