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This weekend (Friday evening / Saturday morning) was an important time in our on-going revitalization efforts. The SBCV’s Darrell Webb acted as consultant and facilitator in this collaborative workshop.

Leading up to the weekend, we prayed for ten minutes each day for twenty days, for unity of heart and for ideas to reach our community that match the heart of God.

During the weekend, we reviewed results of the survey everyone took back in June. Team leads presented demographics in our local area and lead discussions in three areas regarding our future: missions and outreach, partnering, and thinking big. After discussion and putting forth ideas, we prayed over everything that we discussed, asking God to lead us in His way.

It is no secret that we love Pastor Rick and Betsy. Today we had a fellowship dinner in their honor following the morning service. Several people overcame their shyness to publicly describe their affection and appreciation for all that the two do.

Fall Campfire

Well, it wasn’t ideal weather for a campfire tonight, but the men gathered ahead of time to set up canopies that kept us and the victuals dry. The campfire is a greatly anticipated event every fall. We enjoyed hotdogs, chips, and s’mores (with the biggest marshmallows I’ve ever seen). Brandon managed to get a nice fire going, but we huddled under the canopies, talking, until the gentle rain finally relented. Then we drew our chairs close to the fire and enjoyed cooking our dogs and soaking up the warmth.