Hanover Baptist Church Events

Past and Future Happenings

This evening we enjoyed our Fifth Sunday Fellowship as “Stuff Your Spud” night. Baked potatoes were cooked and ready to go and everyone brought their favorite toppings (and a few other goodies). After assembling our spuds we enjoyed another great Bible study as we ate

Deanna Faison also had a brief meeting for the JEWELS Women’s Ministry group to discuss ideas about the Women’s Ministry.

Tonight we celebrated the birth of our savior with caroling in the neighborhood and handing out cookies and good cheer! We started at the church around 4:30pm by bagging up some delicious cookies. We went caroling at the homes of our shut-ins and left each with a bag of cookies to enjoy. Afterward, we returned to the church to fellowship while enjoying the rest of the cookies, coffee, and cocoa.

Christmas Luncheon

Following the morning service, we celebrated the birth of our Savior with a covered-dish luncheon and fellowship.

Tonight we celebrated our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange with the usual good fellowship and merriment. We gathered at the warm and inviting home of Bob and Sharyn Halpin and shared a nice light meal and dessert while exchanging delightful and tacky gifts.

5th Sunday Fellowship

Each month with five Sundays, the evening of the fifth is set aside for this special event. Tonight we enjoyed Pastor Crookshank discussion on the Pilgrims and the founding of our nation. We gave thanks for their sacrifices and the many others who took risks and made sacrifices to make our country what it is today. All this while enjoying a comforting variety of food.