We started our progressive dinner this evening with appetizers and fellowship at the beautifully-decorated home of the Carters.

Once the appetizer supply was sufficiently diminished and we were fully in the Chrismas spirit, we caravanned a few miles to the Burrell’s warm and cozy home for the main course. We enjoyed a delicious meal including some wonderful new dishes as we clustered into several groups to reveal our plans for Christmas, share stories of recent blessings, and discuss the state of our country.

An hour or so later, we departed for dessert at the ever-hospitable Vardsveen’s home. You wouldn’t think we would have room for more food, but through careful portion planning, we saved just enough room for the sweets and coffee.

As we finished dessert, time came for the annual Christmas White Elephant Gift Exchange. A variety of gifts—some nice, some more accurately called junk—were gaily wrapped and placed beneath the tree. We took turns choosing a gift and shared the surprise or delight at what was in each package.

Be sure you’re there next Christmas!