Hanover members are bursting with talent: singers, storytellers, comediens, chellists, violinists, readers, writers, percussionists, poets, and pianists. I don’t even know how to describe Matt’s mystery talent!

The fellowship hall was standing room only as the festivities began a little after 7:00 (we waited for the hot, crispy chocolate chip cookies to emerge from the oven). The Webergs warmed up the audience with a harmonious rendition of “Happy Birthday” for Tim French and Kim Emons.

Loren Land started the program with “Benny the Bunny,” a unique version the prodigal son Bible story. Over the next couple hours, members of the Pizana, Lowe, Weberg, and Snell clans played a multitude of musical instruments, Pastor Crookshank told jokes and read a poem he wrote in the fourth grade, and Rachel Pizana read an essay she wrote on Napoleon. Emily Weberg recited Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.” The last official act was Stephanie Weberg who gave a presentation on blood, complete with corny jokes.

The evening concluded with a positively precious acapella rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” by one of our littlest members, Isabelle Weberg.