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Tonight we read and discussed Paul’s marvelous letter to the Collosians in the packed fellowship hall. We also had a cake bake-off with 15 entries. It seems there is no shortage of scripture lovers or cake lovers at Hanover.

Girls Pool Night

Around 6:00 PM, girls and their moms arrived at the home of Charles & Cheryl Carter for a pool party. The water was certainly inviting on such a hot day and the snacks and soft drinks kept up our energy. When it was dark enough, we settled in to our pool floats and watched “Love Comes Softly” in the ad hoc outdoor theater. The boys had their own night later

The team continued its winning streak with a squeaker over Mountain View Baptist.

Behind by 1 point, Grace/Hanover surged ahead with 2 runs in the 7th inning. Hanging on in this hard-fought nail-biter, the team carried the day.

For a season overview, visit our dedicated 2011 softball page.

The team scored another win over Gateway Community Church. Here’s Ward’s report from the field:

“With several team members on vacation, members of the Grace/Hanover squad rotated positions continuously to find the right balance—and so they did!  For Hanover: Scott Soderlund on the mound again delivered up the pitching, backed up on defense by Pizana family members Rachel and Matt in the outfield, and Mike at second base.  Offensively, all added to the run tally with good line drive hitting from Scott and Rachel, while Mike and Matt brought roars from the stands with Mike just beating a throw to home plate to score an in the park home run (hit to the fence!), and Matt hitting yet another deep fly ball resulting in a stand up triple.”

For a season overview, visit our dedicated 2011 softball page.

This afternoon was the last of the three Tuesday gatherings ( July 5th, 12th & 19th) hosted by Kirsten Lowe. She invited all young ladies and mothers from Hanover and the surrounding community for a time of fellowship and encouragement.

Kirsten’s words: “My desire for the girls’ group was a time for Christian girls and their mothers to come together, fellowship, be encouraged and draw closer to the Lord. Although I felt  ill-equipped and nervous about this task, the Lord gave me just the right topics. As I dug into the Word to prepare for the lessons God spoke to me in a mighty way. The topics we discussed were personal devotions, prayer, and gossip. Come to find out, God used what He had taught me to challenge the girls and mothers.”