With a win this week over Dahlgren/Trinity, our team is now 2-and-0! Here’s Ward’s report from the field:

“Once again the members from the Lowe and Pizana families added hitting and fielding strength—with two notable moments. First was Matt Pizana exploding on one pitch, hitting deep to the outfield and catching the defense by surprise. The second was Dave Lowe making a full speed running and fully extended catch of a fly ball, followed by a rolling tumble—and hanging on for the out! Additionally, Ryan Evans displayed south-paw hitting that kept the defense guessing as he worked the right side of the field.

“Lastly, Stephanie Weberg, behind the plate, catching—displayed an unusual method of tangling up an opposing base runner while attempting to prevent a score: While Stephanie was bending over to catch the incoming throw, the base runner ended up across Stephanie’s back reaching for the home plate—and it appeared that Stephanie was going to carry the young lady off the field rather than give up the score! Alas, the runner was able to reach out and touch the plate!”

For a season overview, visit our dedicated 2011 softball page.