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Tonight we continued our tradition of reading a book of the Bible, but this time we chose Jonah, from the Old Testament. Neither a whale of a tale, nor a big fish story, Jonah proves to be an enduring message of God’s grace, patience, and lovingkindness—both to the city-state of Ninevah, and the prophet Jonah.

This Friday night and Saturday morning, we had a great time camping out in Hanover’s back yard. We pitched our tents while it was still light then Pastor Crookshank lead us in a special devotion. We kpet warm around the blazing campfire, roasting dozens of hot dogs and making s’mores. We ended up laughting and playing into the wee hours of the morning, eventually wearing the adults out. We rested well, though the sun came up far too early!

All ladies and their daughters (age 12 and up) were invited to join in the fellowship and fun of our annual Fall “Auction.”

Betsy started the evening with a very practical devotion on what to do with worry (hint: put in a box).

After the devotion, we snacked and had a “silent” auction on the inexpensive things that the ladies brought tonight (including several containers suitable for “worry boxes”). Each lady received tickets (at no charge) which she used to “bid” for her most desired trinkets and treasures. Lorrie demonstrated each item in its best light while Sharyn drew the winning tickets. It isn’t easy to explain in words, but the pictures show what a merry time the ladies had.

Ladies also brought their favortie Fall recipes to share. They will be compiled into a small cookbook and all our ladies will get a copy! Check back for an online link to the recipees here, too.

After another hearty morning Bible message, we filled the fellowship hall for a meal honoring Pastor Crookshank and his wife Betsy. After the meal Charles Carter gave a mini Bible lesson on appreciating the blessing of a wonderful pastor and wife every day of the year. Soon others were standing and giving their personal thanks to Pastor and Betsy for 6 years of love and devotion to God and the people of Hanover Baptist.