Outline—Philemon 15–25

  1. Teaching tact is:
    1. Teaching to see with eternity in mind (v. 15)—eternity
    2. Teaching to be ever mindful of who you are in Christ (vv. 16–17)—identity
    3. Teaching by giving a living example (vv. 18–19a)—entity
    4. Teaching to keep a humble heart (v. 19b)—humility
    5. Teaching through encouragement (vv. 20–22)—expectancy

Take Home Points

  • Always keep an eternal perspective (v. 15).
  • Tact is a great way to show you’re in Christ (vv. 16–17).
  • Debt is apparently no reason to abandon tact (v. 18).
  • What a believer does as a Christian act is beneficial to all believers (v. 20).
  • Don’t be afraid to encourage better behavior among believers (vv. 20–22).

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