Outline—James 5:1–6

  1. Address (v. 1)
  2. Description of wealth (vv. 2 & 3a)
  3. Guilty verdict (vv. 3b–6)

Take Home Points

  • Hoarded riches reap miserable dividends.
  • Riches provide no relief in eternity.
  • Unjust acts of the unsaved are not forgotten.
  • Lack of judgment today does not mean there will be a lack of judgment tomorrow.
  • Believers: Thank God that He is a forgiving, loving, gracious God—and whatever you have, you have received from the Lord. Use your money as a tool that honors God and does not take advantage of others.
  • Time, talent, treasure—that’s what we’re responsible for. Remember you are His servant. And what’s required of a servant?—Be faithful.

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