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1 John Wrap-Up

Are you saved?

In this belated final video covering the book of 1 John, Pastor Rick reviews everything we have learned from this wonderful book. You might even want to start the series here as a great overview on how to know if you are really saved.


If you are a born-again Christian, there are several things you can be certain of. Here are three: certainty of your permanent salvation, certainty of answered prayer, and certainty of absolved sin. Watch and learn more about how God works in a Christian’s life.



Does salvation seem too simple? It is that way for a reason: so you don’t have to be heroic or brilliant; you just have to trust in God. He does all the rest.


Love Perfected

When we trust in Jesus Christ and are saved, God will work in us to perfect our love. When love has been perfected within us, we may have boldness in the day of judgment. When we are saved, we no longer need to fear the day of judgment.


Am I Saved?

You can not know for sure if someone else is a born-again Christian. Sometimes you are not even sure about yourself. But John tells us where to find evidence that we are authentic Christians.