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Do you have any doubts about your salvation? Do you understand God’s unconditional love for Christians? Watch this segment on the first book of John.


Is it hard to keep God’s commandments? Or do you find yourself naturally getting better, and beginning to love serving God? Keeping His commandments is one clear sign of a truly saved person. Pastor Rick teaches us more in this continuing study from the first book of John.


God Is Light

God is light and there is no darkness in Him. The same can not be said for us. Darkness (sin) touches everything we do so we need Jesus’ salvation. You answers to these questions will help you be sure that you are saved: Do you believe what God (via the Bible) says about Jesus? Are you being transformed (giving up sin)? Are you keeping a short account of your sins with God?


If you are born-again, you have a fellowship (that is, partnership) with God. John wrote a letter to correct errors in the early church, with the result that we can begin to understand what it truly means to be saved.