Outline—James 1:12–16

  1. God’s proposal (v. 12)
    1. Promised grace—happy
    2. Promised end—when he is approved
    3. Promised crown—of life
  2. Man’s problem (vv. 13–16)
    1. Pouting tantrum (v. 13)
    2. Personal battle (v. 14)
    3. Process unleashed (vv. 15–16)

Take Home Points

  • The world always makes sin a laughing matter.
  • No where is the cycle of death more evident than in the prospect of hell, and the cycle of life more evident than heaven.
  • You may not be all that happy with the life you are forced to live as your faith is tried, but remember it will be swapped with the best life there is.
  • Review the contrast:
    • Testing Trial -> Faith -> Patience -> Endures -> Perfect Work -> Crown of Life
    • Testing Temptation -> Lust -> Drawn Away -> Sin -> Full Grown -> Death
  • The great challenge is to choose well: faith over lust.

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