Outline—John 21

The chapter answers the question, "May I still serve Him?"

  1. Peter’s turmoil (vv. 1–3)
  2. Perfect timing (vv. 4–14
  3. Pointed interview (vv. 15–17)
  4. Prophetic terms (vv. 18–23)
  5. Parting testimony (vv. 24–25)

Take Home Points

  • Don’t think for one minute that you are doing all the work in your relationship with God.
  • God has a very personal work He will do with you in His time. (Silence from God has its purpose.)
  • Complete spiritual restoration is necessary for restoration to service for Christ.
  • Discipleship is:
    • Stewardship (my sheep)
    • Sincerity (love)
    • Surrender (v. 18)
    • Singularity (follow)
    • Solitary (focus)
    • Satisfaction

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