Outline—John 11:1–44

  1. The precursor of death (vv. 1–10)
  2. The pattern of death (vv. 11–16)
    1. Lively sleep (conscious existence)
    2. Restful sleep (Revelation 14:13)
    3. Limited sleep (temporary and awake refreshed—1 Corinthians 15:55)
  3. The poverty of death (vv. 17–38)
  4. The plundering of death (vv. 39–44)

Take Home Points

  • Cruel delays are often divine tender concern.
  • Verses three and four is comforting to any believer who is sick.
  • Jesus is the Lord over death and life.
  • Difficult situations can lead to belief in God’s sovereign love.

The hope of the resurrection is not in resurrection only, but in being alive to please Him who is the resurrection and the life, and never sinning again.

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