Outline—Ephesians 4:17–21

  1. The raw material of the sinful man (vv. 17–19)
    1. A mind that is handicapped spiritually
    2. Powerless to grasp the truth in Christ
    3. Hardened to the point of no hope
  2. The very essence of Christ—truth (vv. 20–21)
    1. Life of learning vs. natural darkness
    2. Life of hearing with understanding vs. unbridled desires
    3. Life of truth vs. illusion

Take Home Points

  • For the unsaved, life is a nightmare. For the saved, life is anadventure.
  • Is your life characterized by limitations or is it limitless?Limitations lead to lamentations. Boundlessness leads to blessedness.
  • A lifelong pursuit of knowing Christ gives you direct access to truthfor life.

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