Outline—John 7

  1. Jesus speaks to man’s estrangement
    1. Christ teaches the proof is in engaging Him. (vv. 14–24)
    2. Some partake, some do not. (vv. 26–27)
  2. Jesus speaks to man’s lostness.
    1. Christ teaches the proof is in His purposed mission. (vv. 27–29)
    2. Some are convinced, some are not. (vv. 30–31)
  3. Jesus speaks to man’s rebellion
    1. Christ teaches the proof is in His victory. (vv. 32–34)
    2. Some yield, some do not. (vv. 35–36)
  4. Jesus speaks to man’s need
    1. Christ teaches the proof is in His sufficiency. (vv. 37–39)
    2. Some receive, some do not. (vv. 40–52)

Take Home Points

  • What tools do you bring with you to help you understand your world? Common sense, moral wisdom you have gained, education—can you “judge righteous judgment”?
  • What is making your soul thirsty today? Are you parched by health, wealth, security issues? Where do you search for satisfaction?
  • While there is breath, there is hope. Some who are doubters today will be saints by God’s grace tomorrow. God was working in lives behind the scenes in John 7—brothers of Jesus, Nicodemus, some who said He was the Christ.

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