Outline—John 13

  1. He is a definite Savior (vv. 1–3)—Confidence
  2. He is a demonstrative Savior (vv. 4–11)—Hands On
  3. He is a defining Savior (vv. 12–17)—Public
  4. He is a discerning Savior (vv. 18–30)—Caring
  5. He is a directive Savior (vv. 31–38)—Concerned

Take Home Points

  • Are you cleansed by Christ?
  • “Greatness is measured by the yardstick of service.” Hendricksen
  • Sanctification before God and man is an act of thankfulness.
    • There should be humility and an eagerness to serve.
    • Humility is to be at the essence of our character.

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