Outline—Luke 23:38–43

  1. The notice (v. 38)
  2. The ne’er-do-wells (vv. 39–41)
  3. The needy ones (v. 42)
  4. The Good News (v. 43)

Take Home Points

  • ”Father, be merciful to me a sinner” is the sinner’s prayer.
  • God always gives us more than we can ask or think.
  • Both of these thieves saw the same thing, but these thieves went two different directions: One went to hell never seeing heaven, the other went to heaven never having to face hell.
  • You’ve gone through your life and you’ve seen everything everybody else has seen, but do you know Christ as Savior?
  • Have you really come in faith believing, repenting of your sins, under that sense of condemnation? And what have you asked for?
  • The Good News is:
    • God is merciful.
    • Jesus is sufficient.
    • There is an answer to the sin problem.

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