Refer to Psalm 19. God’s law gives freedom. It is not a law of fear, but instills joy in God’s precepts. If you cross the boundaries of the law, you become a slave to sin and lose your freedom.

Outline—James 2:8–13

  1. Law of Liberty Recap (v. 8)
  2. Law of Liberty Broken (v. 9)
  3. Law of Liberty Integrity (vv. 10–11)
  4. Law of Liberty’s Internal Guide (v. 12)
  5. Law of Liberty Vindicated (v. 13)

Take Home Points

  • Christian freedom still has laws (Hebrews 4:13). Maturity has guiding principles—it is never at a loss of how to act.
  • Granted mercy demands imitation.
  • Mercy does not triumph at the expense of justice; the triumph of mercy is based on the atonement wrought on the cross of Calvary (Edmund Hiebert).

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