How do I know if I am becoming a worldly Christian?

Outline—James 4:3–6

  1. My prayer life will change (vv. 2b–3)
    1. It will be paralyzed (v. 2b)
    2. It will be ineffective (v. 3)
  2. My walk with God will change (vv. 4–6)
    1. Spiritual regression: Adultery, hater, enemy (v. 4)
    2. Spiritual Conflict (vv. 5–6)

Take Home Points

  • Covetous selfishness is an insult to God.
  • Recognize that it is spiritual arrogance and pride that stands at the root of our indifferent prayerlessness. Only spiritual neediness, poverty and destitution drives us to our knees and draws us near to God.
  • Just as covetous idolatry of the Old Testament times was spiritual adultery, so is the lustful, pleasure-seeking, self-gratifying Christian behavior of today.
  • Spiritual adultery makes prayer impossible and unanswerable.

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