Outline—Jude 20–25

  1. In the face of apostasy, we need to
    1. Look to our selves (vv. 20, 21)
    2. Look to our work (vv. 22, 23)
    3. Look to our Lord (vv. 24, 25)

Take Home Points

    Seven truths about evangelism:

  • Men are lost and need to be saved.
  • Salvation is found in only one place—Jesus Christ.
  • God uses the Christian to reach the lost.
  • The Christian must be on guard to not be influenced by the false teaching of those they are trying to reach.
  • The Christian must be aware of the heretical teachings and beliefs of the apostate.
  • The unbleliever is on his way to eternal flaming fire. (Hell is real.)
  • As long as the apostate lives, there is a possibility of repentance, so don’t write people off.

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