Outline—Mark 7:1–23

  1. Spies come and they have an effect (setting the stage for a confrontation (v. 1)
  2. Spies make a discovery (vv. 2–5)
  3. Biblical insight is given (vv. 6, 7)
  4. Biblical insight is applied (vv. 8)
  5. Illustration of application of the insight (vv. 9–13)
  6. Shifting back to God’s emphasis (vv. 14–16)
  7. Practical theology (vv. 17–23)

Take Home Points

  • What is the real pollution? It comes from sin, and it is in our hearts.
  • There are rules in life. What are God’s rules? What are their roots? Search the Word to know the heart of God.
  • Be thankful that God has rules.

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