Outline—Mark 15:1–23

  1. Judas and the armed crowd (vv. 43–46)
  2. Peter, the impetuous one (v. 47)
  3. Our Lord and His Majesty (vv. 48, 49)
  4. The disciples run in fear (v. 50)
  5. A curoius young man (vv. 51, 52)

Take Home Points

  • Jesus stood alone so that we never have to stand alone.
  • What characteristics do you display as you follow Christ?
    • Are you complacent?
    • Are you treacherous?
    • Do you fall in with the enemy?
    • Are you impetuous—have something to prove?
    • Are you afraid?
    • Are you just curoius,
    • Are you truly walking with Christ?

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