Outline—Mark 12:18–34

  1. Marriage and resurrection—Sadducees set straight
    1. Their approach (vv. 18, 19)
    2. Their quiz (vv. 20–23)
    3. Jesus shames them (v. 24)
    4. Jesus instructs them (v. 25)
    5. Their conviction (vv. 26, 27)
  2. The greatest commandment—a Scribe nearly gets it right
    1. His question (v. 28)
    2. Jesus’ answer (vv. 29, 31)
    3. The Scribe almost gets it right (v. 32–34)

Take Home Points

  • Know the Word, understand it, make it your life’s pursuit, know its purpose, and apply it to your heart.
  • Your resurrection is tied to Jesus Christ.
  • Don’t make the study of the Word merely an academic exercise.
  • Are you sure that when you die that you’ll be resurrected along with the believers? Do you know Jesus as your savior?
  • Are you walking with the Lord, loving him with all your heart?
  • Ask the Lord to speak to your heart.

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