Outline—Exodus 4:1–31

  1. Moses’ 1st objection (vv. 1–9)
  2. Moses’ 2nd objection (vv. 10–12)
  3. Moses’ 3rd objection (vv. 13–17)
  4. Transitional recap (v. 31)

Take Home Points

  • Among the affairs of nations, God is still in charge.
  • Even that which is infected by the worst plague can be restored by God.
  • You can’t run away, you need to be cleansed by God.
  • God reserves the right to judge sin and sinners in any way.
  • God accepts all our shortcimings—except disobedeince.
  • Great men have to face great obstacles.
  • Life is an adventure for believers!

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