Outline—Philippians 2:5–8

  1. Sovereignty of God (v. 6)
  2. Service of God (v. 7)
  3. Sacrifice of God (v. 8)

Related Scripture

  • Proverbs 8:22–33
  • John 1:1–5
  • John 13:1–18

Take Home Points

  • Jesus is the Son not because he was born, but because he is the image of and carries the essence of the Father.
  • Jesus gave up only his independent authority to the will of the Father when he became a man.
  • Jesus is the expression, in human form, of who God is.
  • Jesus never grows weary of his task as a servant.
  • Jesus stands as the perfect example of a servant:
    • He chose not to exercise his rights.
    • He chose to give up his will to His Father.
    • He chose to depend on the Holy Spirit to fulfill His Father’s will.
    • He paid the ultimate price of humility.

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