Outline—Daniel 7

  1. Vision of Judgment (vv. 1–14)
    1. Lion: Nebuchadnezzar/Babylon (v. 4)—prophecy fulfilled
    2. Bear: Cyrus/Persia (v. 5)—prophecy fulfilled
    3. Leopard: Alexander the Great/Greece (v. 6)—prophecy fulfilled
    4. Beast with 10 horns: Revived Roman Empire (v. 7ff.)—prophecy still to come
  2. Interpretation of the vision (vv. 15–28)

Related Scripture

  • Revelation 13:1–18

Take Home Points

  • Pompous words always ring hollow in the presence of God.
  • God is in control and his justice will prevail.
  • God’s justice hasn’t consumed us because it consumed Jesus in our place.

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