Outline—Daniel 1

  • Daniel’s story (vv. 1–7)
  • Daniel’s stand (vv. 8–16)
  • Daniel’s success (vv. 17–21)


  • P.P. Bliss Hymn Dare To Be a Daniel
  • Wilmington’s Study Guide
  • John Benson Daniel: Dreams and Destiny

Great Periods of Miracles in History

  • Time of Moses and Joshua
  • Time of Elija and Elisha
  • Time of Daniel
  • Time of Christ and His Disciples
  • Time of Peter and Paul

Excuses to avoid

  • I don’t like vegetables.
  • It is the law.
  • I might be punished.
  • I might spoil my future.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
  • God hasn’t been fair to me.
  • An idol isn’t real, so what difference does it make?
  • Everyone else is doing it.

Take Home Points

  • The world seeks to erase the marks of a believer, so what are you doing to make sure they can’t erase yours?
  • Don’t give up because of a roadblock.
  • If you are faithful to God, you will see his faithfulness to you.
  • The one who is sensitive to the trivial details of obediance will be faithful in the major ones.
  • Holy living makes a man able to discern his world.
  • Obedience will show on your face.
  • Obedience will show to to the lost world.

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