Outline—1 Timothy 2:1–7

  1. The scope of a praying church (vv. 1–2a)
  2. The subject of a praying church (vv. 2b–4)
  3. The Savior of a praying church (vv. 5–6)
  4. The speech of a praying church (v. 7)

Related Scripture

  • Hebrews 7:25

Take Home Points

  • All people (whether you like them or not) are fair game for your prayers.
  • As long as you are on this earth, there is a power that you are to exert (prayer).
  • Never lose sight of the one to whom you pray: He is all-powerful!
  • Conform your prayers to the bent that God requires.
  • Retain confidence that you live in the right time and place.
  • Maintain your witness in the arena of truth.

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