Outline—Psalm 1

  1. Godly man (vv. 1—3)
  2. Ungodly man (v. 4)
  3. Conclusion of the matter (vv. 5–6)

Take Home Points

  • Where does your happiness come from?
  • You need to discern between godly and ungodly people.
  • Do not adopt principles of the wicked.
  • Do not persist in the practices of sinners.
  • Do not associate with those who openly mock religion.
  • If you are born again, you have been transplanted—God purposefully placed you where you are.
  • Walk worthy of your calling.
  • Stand in the faith.
  • You (believers) will be seated in heaven.
  • If you are not born again, you need Christ if you want anything to come of you life.

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