Outline—Psalm 40

  1. God who rescues (vv. 1–3)
  2. God who relates (vv. 4–5)
  3. God who rewards (vv. 6–8)
  4. God who remembers (vv. 9–11)
  5. God who responds (v. 12)
  6. God who rights wrongs (vv. 13–15)
  7. God who restores (vv. 16–17)

Related Scripture

  • Psalm 70
  • Hebrews 5
  • Isaiah 50:4
  • Romans 12:1f

Take Home Points

  • We will always have enemies as long as we are on earth. Only God can rescue us.
  • We are to look at God’s truth and make it our own.
  • We are to respect the humble and the truthful.
  • Our evangelism is not with the sword, but with the Word of God.
  • When you witness, make these your message: God’s righteousness, His lovingkindness, and His truth.

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