Outline—Genesis 22:1–19

  1. Dedication is always personal (vv. 1–2)
  2. Dedication is always an investment (vv. 3–12)
  3. Dedication is always profitable (vv. 13–19)
    1. Joyful sacrifice (v. 13)
    2. Joyful memory (v. 14)
    3. Joyful lesson (vv. 15–18)
    4. Joyful conclusion (v. 19)

Take Home Points

  • The temptation of a saint does not aim to uncover some evil in him, but rather to make apparent what good God has wrought in the faithful believer.
  • Abraham had feared God before; now he advances to the full measure of devotion—advancing faith.
  • God does not expect man to do for Him what He is not ready to do for man.

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