Outline—Genesis 24

  1. The faith of Abraham (vv. 1–9)—obedience to a promise (the heart of a veteran)
  2. The faith of a servant (vv. 10–28)—obedience to a commission (the heart of a willing servant)
  3. The faith of Rebekah (vv. 29–58)—obedience to a call (the heart of a friend)
  4. The faith of Isaac (vv. 59–67)—obedience to a will (the heart of a subject)

Take Home Points

  • Dependent obedience today has great rewards—be careful to obey!
  • There is something sacred about marriage—be careful to honor the institution.
  • God’s sovereign plan displays infinite patience and providential care—be careful to trust.
  • Every age and station in life has its requirements for godliness—be careful to build.

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