Outline—Genesis 48–50

  1. Legacy of faith in the God of Israel (vv. 48:12–21)
  2. Legacy of missional blessing (vv. 49:1–28)
  3. Legacy of hope (vv. 49:29–33 & 5o:15–26)

Take Home Points

  • Always act with spiritual legacy in mind. Jacob’s spiritual maturity in knowing God was evidenced by the multiplicity of Names of God. He had known God manifested through thick and thin.
  • Always act with consequence in mind. Events of significance in youth have long term consequence determined by your response. The sons each took a road and did or did not repent.
  • Always act with hope in mind. Make belief and hope match, just as Joseph as he commanded that his body be kept in Egypt until the promise was fulfilled and the Israelites entered their land.

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