There is a spirit of hatred abroad in the world for true believers.Christ is sending His Spirit to aid us. No matter what the events, He and we will prevail.

Outline—John 16

  1. Being a faithful believer isn’t easy (vv. 1–6)
  2. Having a faithful Savior is sufficient (vv. 7–24)
    1. A new Partner (v. 7)
    2. A new power (vv. 8–11)
    3. A new plan (vv. 12–15)
    4. A new prospect (vv. 16–22)
    5. A new procedure (vv. 23–24)
  3. Serving a faithful God is victory (vv. 25–33)

Take Home Points

  • How can those who think lightly of sin serve the Holy Spirit in convincing others of sin?
  • Remember the tools the Holy Spirit uses in your interaction with the world (sin, righteousness, judgment).

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