Outline—John 17

  1. A faithful report (vv. 1–5)—Intercessor’s heart
  2. A current assessment (vv. 6–8)—Intercessor’s progress
  3. A future vision (vv. 9–23)—Intercessor’s plea
    1. A New Guardian (vv. 9–12)
    2. A new fulfillment (v. 13)
    3. A new identity (v. 14)
    4. A new task (vv. 15–16)
    5. A new commission (vv. 17–20)
    6. A new unity (vv. 21–23)
  4. An inseparable destiny (vv. 24-26)—Intercessor’s identity

Take Home Points

  • There is nothing tentative about God’s plan for you, no conditional phrases—a certain outcome.
  • With Someone praying for you like this, how can you lose?
  • The heart of an intercessor is evident:
    • Sent (a mission)—7 times in the chapter
    • Gave, given—23 times
    • Glory—8 times

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