Outline—John 4: 27–54

  1. Keep your eye on the Master. (v. 27)
  2. Witness in such a way that you engage the thinking. (vv. 28–29)
  3. Keep your eternal focus. (vv. 30–34)
  4. Be part of a team. (vv. 35–38)
  5. It is always the season to sow, it is always the season to reap. (vv. 35–38)
  6. Remember: It is His Word that saves. (vv. 39–42)
  7. Personal contact with Christ makes faith complete. (v. 42)
  8. Faith is unmixed trust. (vv. 43–54)
  9. Faith must grow. (vv. 43–54)

Take Home Points

  • The soul of a woman is not less precious than that of a man.
  • Distance makes no difference in Christ’s power and love.
  • Evangelize with a view to growing faith.

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