Outline—Joshua 10:16–12:24

  1. Completion of the main battle for the south (vv. 10:16–27)
  2. Success in the southern campaign (vv. 10:28–42)
  3. Success in the northern campaign (vv. 11:1–15)
  4. Review of the conquest of Canaan (vv. 11:16–23)
  5. Tally of the victories (chapter 12)

Take Home Points

Joshua’s Qualities of Leadership

  • Nothing distracted him from pursuing the fullest victory. Do not be distracted or disoriented, but keep your eyes on the chief task. (v. 10:19)
  • He communicated what made him strong by taking every teaching opportunity. (v. 10:25)
  • He pursued his goals step by step with forethought. (v. 11:23)
  • He used his errors as learning moments. (v. 11:6)
  • He believed God without reservation (vv. 1:6, 10:42, 11:6) despite knowing that he had enemies who were coming for him. (v. 11:20—a verse especially for those who think they know more about God than God does)
  • He obeyed God completely (v. 11:15)—a worthy statement to be striven-for in each of our lives.

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