Outline—Joshua 10:1–15

  1. Wild-eyed rage (vv. 1–5)
  2. Worried plea (v. 6)
  3. One night’s march (vv. 7–9)
  4. Worried enemy (v. 10)
  5. Wonders in the sky (vv. 11–15)

Take Home Points

  • God is not restricted by the laws of nature.
  • We do not need to "cover" for God—He needs no apology. He will have victory.
  • Do not pray according to man’s natural laws, but according to God’s promises—but make sure they are relevant to the subject.
  • Let God call you to that same sense of general-ship in your life:
    • Be faithful.
    • Be creative.
    • Take the initiative.
    • Trust & obey—no slacking, no shirking, no falling short of His commands.

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