Outline—Jude 12–13

    Apostates are characterized by:

  1. Mockery of the sacred (v. 12a)
  2. False promises (v. 12b)
  3. Neither have life nor can give it (v. 12c)
  4. When they are stirred-up, you see their shame (v. 13a)
  5. Unable to give a sense of bearing to others (v. 13b)

Related Scripture:

  • 1 Corinthians 11

Jesus Christ Compared to Apostates:

  • Jesus Christ is the real Rock; apostates are submerged rocks.
  • He is the Living Water; apostates are clouds that only promise water.
  • He is the One who bears fruit in our lives, plants us like a living tree, and has the Tree of Life in heaven for the nations; apostates are dead trees that need to be pulled up by the roots.
  • He is the One who calms the sea and uses it for His own glory; apostates are like the waves who cannot find their peace.
  • He is the Day Star; apostates are shooting stars.

Take Home Points

  • You need to be observing and judging fruit. You need to look at and know the Word of God well enough, so when you hear error, you can see and recognize it.
  • Recognize that God is not an apostate.
    • He keeps His promises. His promises will not fail.
    • He’s the Rock upon which you can build your life.
    • He is the Living Water, who has life and gives it.
    • He is the One by whom you can guide your life aright.
    • He does not change.
  • These qualities are the qualities we are to have in our life as opposed to apostasy.

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