Outline—Jude 14–16

  1. Prophetic words (vv. 14–15)
  2. Puffing words (v. 16)

Related Scripture:

  • Acts 20:29–31
  • 1 John 4:1–3
  • 2 Peter 2:12–3:9
  • Romans 8:9

Take Home Points

  • God will judge evil.
  • We ought to guard against any form of apostasy.
  • If you know the Word of God, don’t fail to hold it in high esteem. Know it; love it; cherish it; share it; live it; demonstrate it everywhere you go.
  • We deal in the realm of ideas. Hold on to the Truth of the Word of God and share it, because God’s business is convincing. God will use His Word to convince and convict.
  • Remember that there are people to be praying for. When someone claims to know the Lord, yet their profession of faith is amiss, their soul and eternity are in jeopardy. Our job is not to be hoodwinked by them — our job is to communicate the truth.

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