Scripture—John 15:1–11 (Parable of the Vine and the Branches)

  1. We will look at joy from the standpoint of abiding.
  2. The illustration of the vine as the symbol of Israel:
    1. Psalm 80
    2. Isaiah 5
    3. Jeremiah 2:21
  3. What it means to abide
    1. Our relationship—vv. 1–3:
      1. Jesus Christ is the True Vine.
      2. Believers are the branches.
      3. God the Father is the vine dresser.
    2. What we are to do as branches of Him: abide in Christ —v. 4a
      1. Negative example—John 5:38
      2. Positive example—John 6
    3. The purpose of abiding
      1. That His joy might remain in us, and our joy might be full—v. 11; Hebrews 12:12
      2. That God might be glorified—v. 8
    4. The definition of abiding
      1. Keep looking unto Jesus
      2. Remain serving in the midst of trials and persecution—James 1:2
      3. Keep on doing God’s will no matter what the cost
      4. Cling unto the Lord in good times and in bad
      5. Rest in the Lord and cling to His promises
      6. Exhibit commitment, patience and endurance
  4. The dangers of not abiding
    1. We can become fruitless.—v. 4
    2. We can become powerless.—v. 5
    3. We can become useless and worthless.—v. 6
  5. The blessings of abiding in Christ
    1. God is going to purge you for the purpose of bearing more fruit.—v. 2
    2. You will experience fruitfulness and an abundant life.—v. 5
    3. God will answer your prayers.—v. 7
    4. You will be caused to bear fruit which brings glory to the Father and demonstrates your discipleship.—v. 8
    5. You will have fullness of love.—v. 9–10
    6. You will have fullness of joy.—v. 11; John 8:28–29

Related Scripture:

  • Nehemiah 12:43

Closing Points

  • Abiding in Christ in its simplest terms is trusting in our Lord and obeying His Word.
  • Abiding in Christ provides us with life and strength—it’s the only way to fruitfulness.
  • Abiding in Christ assures us of answered prayer and intimacy with Christ.

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