Outline—Service of Priscilla

  1. Beginning of a grand association (Acts 18:1–3)
  2. Big move (Acts 18:18–23)
  3. Blossoming of servants of the Lord (Acts 18:24–28)
  4. Business that never ends (Corinthians 16:19)
  5. Blessed Woman (2 Timothy 4:19)

Related Scripture

  • Romans 16:3–5

Cures for Paul’s Discouragement

  • Deeper love replaces deeper fear
  • Gift of courage replaces gift of caution
  • An abiding presence in alarming perplexity
  • Unlimited help from intimate friends
  • Freedom from lonliness in the fellowhip of believers

Take Home Points

  • God does not forget or miss your service.

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